Our specialists will find solutions for your specific task. We record the condition of your furnace systems and advise you without obligation regarding feasibility and concept for the retrofit. Then we will make you an offer about the expected costs, just contact us.

Energy savings due to

Efficiency improvement, thermally light insulation structure, improved heat insulation

More productivity through

Increase in throughput, greater availability

Quality improvement due to

continuous documentation, traceability, better reproducibility in the process

  • Lifetime extension
  • Increase in production volume and product quality
  • Higher efficiency of the plant, e.g. due to energy savings
  • Compliance with legal requirements (e.g. emissions reduction, occupational safety)
  • Ensure the spare parts supply
  • Integration of old plants into modern IT environment (Industry 4.0)

For existing plants, modernization can make more sense than replacement with new construction. By replacing obsolete components and adding new, up-to-date technological advancements, existing plants are brought back up to date. The stable basic substance of the plant is retained and the advantage for the operator is an increase in productivity at significantly lower costs in relation to the purchase of new equipment. Existing grandfathering for a facility that would likely no longer receive a new permit can also be preserved through a retrofit.