We are committed to finding the perfect solution for every single project. Standard solutions can only be used rarely – in most cases a willingness to think innovatively and act rationally are the prerequisites for achieving a reliable and high-quality result. At Könn this philosophy is at the heart of our approach.

Successful participation in the Innovation Prize of the German Industry and in the Steel Innovation Prize alongside numerous other examples are confirmation of our outstanding potential for innovation and development:

  • R&D project: Roller hearth tempering furnace with internal recuperation – confirmed energy savings of approx. 40% compared to conventional furnaces
  • Compact cooling systems for ABB – high-energy vehicle battery
  • Load test stands for ABB – high-energy battery
  • First hydrogen shielding gas annealing furnace for magnetic longitudinal and transverse field annealing of nanocrystalline tape wound cores
  • Strip casting procedure for bearing metal
  • Inert gas shaft annealing furnace for 300 t turbine rotors
  • Rotary sherardising system for diffusion galvanising
  • Fully automated heat treatment center
  • First horizontal magnetic field furnace for nanocrystalline materials with air-cooled magnet coils
Specialist publications and lectures

„Method for dimensioning multi-layer straight heat insulation walls”
„Fuel-heated thermal treatment facilities for annealing and tempering”
„Nanotechnology from the furnace”
„Fully automated heat treatment for quality assurance in steel production”
„Automation and use of software for industrial furnaces”


DE 2605972 C3
Continuous tempering furnace with heat recovery

DE 3302679 C2
Hinged, electrically heated precision furnace

DE 3326463 C2
High-temperature heating module

DE 3307140 A1
Automatic system for surface reproductions

G 8305755.2
Electrically heated precision furnace

EP 3029404 B1
Industrial oven system